Monday, March 2, 2009

Short Football Blog - Haynesworth Worth The Money?

I'm taking a small break from Nats blogging today to focus on the big news in football camp. DT Albert Haynesworth signed with the Washington Redskins this morning on the first day of NFL Free Agent Signings for a reported 7-years, $100 million with $41 million guaranteed, but is this another classic Redskins over-paying job? My initial reaction was "yes".

Names like Bruce Smith and Jason Taylor immediately jumped to mind when I heard the news, and it shouldn't be surprising. The Redskins have a long history of making these sort of big market, big headline deals that have a tendency to blow up in their faces, especially when you consider that Haynesworth's best years have come in the last two when he was essentially playing for a new contract both years. Now he has his retirement fund paid for courtesy of Dan Snyder and Co., so what am I supposed to think?

Well, rather than dwell on whether or not we overpaid another big free agent, I got to thinking about how we could insure that we get our money's worth from Big Al and I came to a conclusion that Danny Boy might even be in favor of: spend more money! Oh boy, I can hear it now. "Matt! What could you be thinking?!? It is this type of rampant spending that has got the Skins into trouble in past years! How can you possibly be for that?!?" The quick answer is actually pretty simple. I am supporting "responsible" spending, a term not frequently heard of in DC when talking about football. How so? Well, it is pretty simple really. Sign more players that will help this franchise win where they really need it the most.

I'm looking at WR T.J. Houshamagillagorilla (I was never really all that good with names) for starters. He's an elite WR from the Cincinnati Bengals and the only reason we haven't been hearing more about him in the free agent discussions is because Big Al was still on the board. It is no secret that the Skins have struggled terribly at the WR position in recent years, Randle El is average at best and the two WRs we got in last years draft have done jack squat to prove they belong. My advice to the Redskins is land yourself a big gun on the other side of the ball that will open up options and give Big Al something to play for, a shot at a Super Bowl ring.

Real quickly, I got to wrap this up so I can catch my bus.

The Skins now have to sign TJ and then look to the draft to get younger on offensive and defensive lines.

That's the bottom line.

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